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in vogue in Canada. The resolution favouring the manufacture of

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of troops in training in England. They found that the percentage

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ut independent discussion of subjects involving medical politics and ethics. Independent of cliques

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Society far th$ R$lief of tk$ Widows and Orphans of Medical Men. —

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of pus as often as they drain. Even provided that the main cavity

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fibrillar n^ticuluni, and the (!olls at the periphery of these necroses

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distension of the uterus, the enlargement and opening of its venous

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presenting to you with a deep consciousness of our social needs,

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getting labour. This educational duty of a hospital is yet to be

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of the connexion between albuminous urine and diseased kidney.

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and Paris. Later he became a professor at his ahna mater and

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us to devise some means of irrigation by liquid-tight closure.

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superiority for the study of the cardio-pleuro-pulmonary function, it is very

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are brought out many s>-mptoms wliich have been latent. Thus it

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peace time medical and nursing services, and outhned its policy

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abilities, it was decided to resect the mass at once. This was done

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daring the last four weeks. This it is our purpose to continue every four

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This patient was one of the most severe and was so bad that

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some profound influence being exerted upon the respiratory reflex —

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physicians and surgeons, the nurses and the orderUes, must ever

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of prophecy. If my remarks to you this evening then, wander at

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teams were mobile units made uj^ in base hospitals and sent up to

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officer, Captain Gwyn. There were also the usual number of

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then be recognized by an increa.'^e in the symptoms of cai-diac

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the same observation. The importance of the subject is therefore

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blackness. Heart perfectly healthy. No flabbiness or softening,

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with penetration of the abdomen comphcated their course.

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minister establishes the districts; the ratepayers, by petition,

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\mnary tuberculosis, urinary lithiasis, "painful cystitis," etc. The

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for the cure of it. In Shakespeare's day the astrologer was ready

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logieal findings show that the kinds and straias of bacteria, found

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There was a good conjunctival sac, the eye-hds, eye-lashes,

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ment, medicines, supplies, etc., totals $25,087.48. The total cases

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Canad. Med. Astoe. Journ., 1917, vii, 727. 106. Crotti: "ThymuR and Thyroid,"

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doing teaching in hos|)ita1s and keeping extensive records of

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slight anoxsemia show themselves with even a relatively small

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much swollen, and very red and tender. J!he gouty affection sub-

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done with it. It is a truism to assert that the effect of a disease as dis-

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Most operators who employ induction of labour in contracted

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more pronounced for past twenty-five years; last four days has

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scarcely any twitching. Wlien last heard from on April 18th,

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may U-\ one that she has felt this sjune thing a year or two i)re-

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jects of Mesmerism, the antecedents to the paroxysm are certain

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tests, although it is admitted that the tests have not equal value.

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vincing. Meetings of the staff foster self criticism and

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of tuberculosis in our pro\'ince. Perhaps in our contemplation of

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