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Who is behind Sun1400?

Sun1400 was founded by me,
Mike Garth. I was born in 1970 but started riding dirt bikes in 1973 and racing them in 1975. On leaving university in 1992, having also graduated in first place from the Jim Russell Racing Drivers' School in Formula Vauxhall Junior, I raced cars full-time until 1994, before working as a racing car engineer for ten years. Eight years of Indycar / Champ Car engineering brought seven World Series titles. In addition I've worked for two years in F1. I know racing and I know racers.

Managing a successful Research and Development Department and engineering with Test and Race Teams taught me the importance of performance coaching and sport psychology in motor sport. I've been involved with teams that work well and I've been involved with teams that work not so well. I've worked with world class drivers who have an excellent mental approach and I've worked with those whose psychology was clearly slowing them down. I've worked with world class leadership and I've had to work with average leadership.

"My view of Mike is extremely positive. Previously I'd heard some negative things about sport psychology but he has helped my athlete significantly and has done it in an easy going manner, which made him great to work with." BT

Note - due to the confidential nature of the work Sun1400 does and the wishes of some clients, not all testimonials can be referenced by a name or series / sport.

All this experience, success and challenge brought me to a career cross-road. I wanted to have my own motor sport business but what solution could I provide that would solve a problem in a way that no one else was? Linking my engineering training, motor sports experience and
intuitive skills in knowing the performance mindset took me to formal study and practice in sport and exercise psychology. I had as much technical training and competence as most others, but felt that faster lap-times were less effected by technical prowess and more so by psychology.

Now fully Accredited with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) as a sport and exercise psychologist, I help motor sport athletes and their teams get one over the opposition by maximising their mental approach, namely their mood, behaviour and thoughts.

Many riders, drivers and teams do two things in an attempt to improve: They first develop their machinery and equipment and then they look at fitness, nutrition and hydration. Whilst having detailed experience in delivering results in those two areas
(I have worked as a professional triathlon coach), I emphasise a third thing: Sport psychology. I guarantee you no-one else in the UK has both my qualifications and quality assurances and my ten years of elite motor sports success.

ďA very interesting and thought provoking workshop. Very relevant to assessing and treating the injured athlete." AH

What if you could maximise your mental approach and gain the most from your budget, your equipment, your physical capacity and your team around you?

If you want to discuss your current situation with me and talk through where you are and where you want to be then the next places to go to are the Contact or Free Stuff


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