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At No. 1 Stationary — a tent hospital in France of two hundred

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with strophanthin till one has some experience with it. When a

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West, show that the incidence of pneumonia was about four times

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to produce disease must be placed in the book in the form of dis-

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good quarrel. ■ We observe with pleasure that the surgical caises pub-

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group of cases, and design apparatus to suit the tj^pe of amputation

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regard to vaccination found in the new health act will, in a few years,

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ing — that men desire. Those of our young men who go to these,

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There is nothing abnormal about the parents' eyes. The first

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• See a Letter on the Introduction of the Mercurial Practice in the vicinity of

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matters pertaining to the welfare of the community and for some

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fore acquired. For the new appointments, we refer to the advertisement

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days of the war, and Canada has the doubtful honour of being

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What the Association petition is thai it should be made

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almost every instance. The opinion arrived at as regards the

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the right leg and side, which appeared seven weeks before while in bed.

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cles. The solution in general, though not uniform, use, is Ma-

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Owing to the excellence of the therapeutic facilities in this

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British Columbia.' It was also reported that in British Columbia

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authors stating that the actinomyces alone are unable to produce

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any confusion or break in the continuity of treatment. How-

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by the side of the timber over which he was standing, in such a

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in examining such cases, as a great deal depends on the personality

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conclusion that we have to deal, not with a condition of individual

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spinal curvature. She had, indeed, according to the account given,

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separated and shghtly flexed. Any tremor of eyeUds, or fingers are

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So long as insanity was deemed to be due to the intervention

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UHually the chho., this man says he is unable to wear the lenses as

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ex-soldier or sailor is, by reason of the physical detriment resulting

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were unhealthy for Europeans. The last twenty years have shown

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