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United Kingdom are concerned, we will take them up under these

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probably much more to do ^^^th the onset of the diabetes than had

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essential points. Special attention should be paid to superficial

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that I mean that one can find in these cases almost all the various

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physically during the years of his compulsory school attendance.

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recover and the paralysis disappears if the ticks are removed.

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shall report on all legislation relating to medical affairs in the

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enlistment, and later on, as the cry for men became greater, by


hundred and sixty-three deaths in 1913 and an equal number in

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plan will, of course, only apply to luxations backwards and upwards on

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earnestly deprecated it on account of the pain which she had suffered

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into account has led to a certain amount of exaggeration as to the

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application of leeches, the central symptoms have increased rather than

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the estabUshment of the hospital. By his persistence he saw that

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was too broad in his ideas to limit himself to any single conception

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trouble, the following regulations of Shakespeare must be remem-

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the proportion of the fibrin of the blood. An examination of the different

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rays of the Ught, which, with invisible ultra violet rays, constitute

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sj'stem by whose means nutriment is introduced into the organism

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Remarks. By. Prof. Gilmah. It is very diflicult to say whether

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A patient with hyperthyroidism is like a body on fire. Com-

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Ellermann, V. A new strain of transmissible leucemia in fowls (strain

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so. however, it must liave the active assi.stance of every

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intestinal tract from the cardia to the anus excised. This is weighed,

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each carried on its work independently of the other, by the receiving

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