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owing to conditions of hfe therein, is well below the proper average

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I must add, conscientiously, the ease or suffering, the life or death

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envelope having on its outside the motto of the paper and within

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at Marylebone work house, aged seventy-two. On examination, po«^-

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clinic May 17th, 1917, with irregular movements of face, hands,

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there were in process of execution by the United States Housing

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Hon. A. G. MacKay, minister, and Dr. T. J. Norman, deputy min-

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c.c. serum injected, no reaction, slight improvement. June 20th,

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with a Chief Medical Officer as his executive. Each officer from

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deviation in metabolism from continued transplantation upon artificial

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is more appropriate; such a term would infer bronchitis with asth-

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a conference before any final decision is made, and it is also intended

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pulsating cavity is found. Headache is present in all cases, some-

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cised at casualty clearing station, and later, after removal to base,

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albuminuria, had disappeared. In a month he was normal.

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to stand for 24 hours, gave a good quantity of cream). The nature

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these are all instances of efficient, dii-ect and specific action that

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the breast^f an assistant ; the tongue, being protruded as far as possible,

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in every direction? Unfortunately, in most cases, we must reply

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gained a size materially to affect vision. To us the first of these sup-

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retain movement and power. The best example of this is seen

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18, that the winter is ahready too much crowded, the summer too much un-

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any responsibility of any suggestions I might make in completing

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3. Koch, R.—Deutchse Med. Wchnschr., 1891, xvii, 101.

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