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not only among the Europeans who have been residents for a
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Sec. 8. — To the Committee on Medical Education shall be
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insufflation method, and proved exceedingly satisfactory indeed.
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have of the practice. Although Dr. Douglass was thus the first to
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shall have a goodly number of men suffering from the effects of the
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intestinal system. Teeth, upper are false, lower poorly kept ; tongue,
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oulptit of urea. lh;in in the ca.sein group. A cluonic nephritis
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increased in size. A few are now visible pn the arms and thi^s,
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slept some during the night and enemata brought flatus next day.
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the urine without any diminution in the CO^ carrying power of
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joined the staff of the MiUtary Hospitals Commissions in Toronto
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upon standing. The degree of change is not influenced by the environ-
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tal for the federal riding of Delta. The local Victory Loan com-
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ment. Recently at Toronto General Hospital an experimental
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the injection was being made into the blood-stream, or immediately after,
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the Third month, 1841, when persons afflicted with mental derangement
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substance, ill effects or certain symptoms are produced in that
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offer our sympathy to the relatives of those medical men who have
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and hopes of a season. A high authority tells us that taking away
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of skin and conjunctivae, also soreness of gums present upon ad-
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It was pre\'iously thought that renal tuberculosis was secondary
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debted for the holding of the Convention in Quebec this year.
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Memorial Training School. 151 pages, 75 illustrations.
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quid pro quo for their years of service that a hospital can be
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took the disease died, and all business was suspended.
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relin(|uishcs the acting rank of Lieutenant-Colonel .lune 25th, 1919.
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Lieutenant-Colonel David A. Clark, assistant director of
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other diseased which have a bad influence upon digestion, were also noted
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ring the progress of the other. None of them can be considered patho-
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the urethra being impervious between this point and the inferior fistulous

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