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J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelpliia, London and

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does not lessen their ability to do this work, as the heavy hooks

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els." " In dysentery," adds the learned author, p. 209, " we have unequiv-

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the most suitable treatment for the remaining 35 per cent, of cases.

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away part of his tail, and destroying his control, causing him to

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mucosa. This fact has never been appreciated by many physicians

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section as near term as possible. This avoids the dyspnoea and the

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killed by boiling, by treatment with zinc hydrate or hydrogen per-

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The foramen of Magendie cannot be identified. No tumour nor

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whole ministry is a unit, and, in a way, each member of it is equally

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the group of symptoms that (Constitute tliis disease. It is also

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in the country. Dr. G. was one of the first to perform the operation fur Lith-

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No infection occurred in any of the rabbits and very slight indura-

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and in less than three months was discharged to his home fully

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questions which engaged our attention unfortunately still remain

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cent.; improved, eleven or 15'7 per cent.; unimproved, one or 1'5

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to rccormnend that the patent protecting the name of "aspirin"

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CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION:— President— Dr. S. Grondin, Quebec.

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cause the patient alarm and while thej^ terrify her relatives and

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resolution ordering cverj' pei-son in the Province of Alberta to wear

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first ten seconds, become a rapid running uncountable pulse. This

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consists in the provision of free medical treatment, including not

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inquiry, joined to a practical familiarity with the Materia Medica.

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recently at the Second Military Hospital, Leeds, England.

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ful. This cannot be cancer, it is too smooth, too tender, and above

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virulent intrapleural inoculation became noticeably ill, their f\ir

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or else a tumor situated behind the gland pushing it forward, but

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the D.G.M.S. there, for he is better at carrying out work in

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