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treasurer announced that the small standing debt on the hospital

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by Dr. F. Tweddell in a paper read before the society of the Alumni

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paragraphs — about the science of hygiene helped out by the abund-

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The tmdtrtijpud respedtfiiUy lofontu thd membtfa of hl» Profession, th^jt be bfts m oT tdto J an es-

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meningitis. He was brought to this hospital by his brother, who

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expenditure of nerve force, acting reflexly through the vaso-motor

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full-time idea in schools and hospitals. Now do not be misled that

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proved patterns, and of the best workman^hip. From a long experience in manufacturing, he feels

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fully and skilfully performed, let me impress upon you that it is

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appointed by the Executive Council or by the Association in

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ordinary labor with very little lameness^ — ^the limb being shortened

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wound. No attempt should be made to drain a deep pocket

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\^'hen first seen the patient was drowsy and stupid, hard to

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ease, and of which Dr. B. has met with but few cases. The distin-

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50 to 75 per cent, of the cases the bolt is not random at all, but is

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received with great scepticism and, in some quarters, with ridicule.

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germs of commimicable diseases being brought over from Europe

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majority of cases, the better operation, I have thought that the re-

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and even a detriment to the patient, I feel that it will not be amiss

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Physicians on all possible occa.sions should teach their clients

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um. The rete mucosum was quite moist, and covered with small

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1906. While working overtime, caring for his influenza patients,

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becoming drowsy, it was sacrificed in twenty-one days. The peri-

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President, Dr. F. W. Marlow, Toronto; first vice-president,

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things which have advanced the practice of surgery in four years

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financier. Otto Khan, with sixteen inmates. Since then it

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trustees to be superintendent of the \ innipeg Cieneral Hospital.

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eighteen years yields six hundred and sixty per mille in Grade 1.

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lator which gives to each cell its adequate supply of this catalyzer

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of dementia precox who lost a leg in France is suppUed with an

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One of the greatest difficulties in these cases is that ol supplying

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and institutions— neither the creation nor organ of any school— its position is a guarantee that thess

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active primary or secondary cases are permitted to retm-n. The

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no harm as yet, or will be likely to result from its omission. The

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