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thf roots of tlir lungs and at the points of bifurcation of the bronchi
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the sensitive hair cells in these canals, and produces definite pheno-
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ties, and who persist in distui'bing the wards by boisterous behaviour
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ter. The operation was entirely successful ; the child, now 26 months
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is frequently met with, and is generally of shght importance.
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and lobulated, of a pale yellowish colour and fatty appearance
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institutions for the cure of the crippled and inefficient. The great
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of the war we have learned a great deal about the brilliant work
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of the military camp can be succeeded after the war by the house
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troops both in France and England, it is almost certain that these
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to be affective should be supplemented by the further develop-
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to general water metabolism.] Arch. f. exper. Path. u. PharmarJcol., 1921,
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fever, urticaria or zona, to disappear. The three patients in whom botri-
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it was an ornament to Canadian medicine, and an inspiration to
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shot wound in the head with fracture of outer table. Right
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In the concluding pages short sketches of the hospital units
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largement of the conjunctival sac is described there as follows:
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the pleural cavity in the course of pneumothorax.] Compt. rend. Soc. de
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in their endeavour, are struggling with these questions. We must
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and all aids to cleanliness. Every^vhere in Austria, Hungary',
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This was judged by the turbidity of a standard suspension.
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the onset of the symptoms. The weaning was difficult as the
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The case suggests a practical caution, to which, as the practice is a com-
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calomel and at the same time purged, that others, as jalap, senna, elate-
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