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"The community," it said, "is to a certain extent responsible

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would occur in time of peace, for the study and development of

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a series of experiments to compare their sight at night with ours.

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(both of whom are dead,) was delivered of her third child on the after-

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fanailiar to require description. The sunken eyes and depressed

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\hich, breaking on the surfaces produce sinuses. Large amounts

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of the treatment of the insane, and then indicate what mental

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wards to the great trochanter, then directly do^vTiward along the

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which was now almost black. On the extremities, the epidermis was

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among the Prophets. — Garcia, the singer; has recently presented a memoir

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determined the acceptance or rejection of men for the army. The

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covered that while a very great deal was being accomplished in the

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They <>ffer no results from preliminary ligations. In the differ-

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in the peritoneal coat was found in all the cases ; in one, the cavity

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to fi of bark. Quinine now-a-days is little adulterated, especially

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"VMien the physical signs pcint to mitral stenosis or iu)rtic

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an area of one hundred and seventeen square miles. The intention

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cases so treated are favourable to the success of this method, but

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Having learned these facts, are we as a nation to sit idly by and

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sj'phiHtic girl that serves her may be the cause of infection to her

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