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We have heard for years that alcohol is the chief cause of feeble-

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posts and create a demand for many physicians; but any

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The superstructure of the organization of war surgery con-

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C. V. Mosby Company, 801 Metropolitan Building, St. Louis,

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unlikely to have attempted; but will so influence another that he

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epidemic,.the operation of removing a polypus has been followed

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body had travelled from the left buttock through the diaphragm,

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Germany, prove it to be faultless. We have no other example of

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recovered she must be observed for at least a year to ascertain that

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that part of the thickening was still present, so that shght anox-

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Mr. J. A. McIjvrty of the fifth year, and Mr. C. W. Ironside

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and excitability, the very moderate use of morphine hypodermically

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to fifty; two dclegate-s for its membership from fifty-one to one

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medical assize of specialists empowered to make a thorough exam-

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made to order at short notice. From a long experience in Europe and America, O. T. feels confi

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Besides the diseases which have been already noticed, albumen

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importance to those engaged in treating cases of syphilis at all

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