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solutely clear; perception is affected, while sensation remains nor-

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and boil for fifteen minutes. To be applied locally, in baths and in-

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Red Cross Chest Ward, and we were able to segregate effectively

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medical cases. Nowhere, however, has the army taught us

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rickets on an intake of less than 1-0 gm. of milk fat per kilo body-weight.

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lines. It is to be hoped that the other provinces will secure

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with which he poUshed the jewels. An enquiry also should be

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of soldiers and sailors have been attended, including the wives

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important advance in the profession in that district to render

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facihties and home for chronics be provided. It seems that about

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really the case, and the idea of the existence of two generating substances

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experience. In this connection attention is drawn to an error

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I must draw the attention of our members to the fact that

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readers. If you think it worthy of publication, I should be happy to

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To those who are familiar with the models at the Army

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Hopcdale, Labrador, announces that epidemic influ(Miza, measles

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and by gi^â– ing due weight to any signs of heart disease which may

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man will be called, as a matter of routine, to pass upon all men

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During the intervals, however, she h)ad no sanguineous or other dis*

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Tlicrc were, however, certain fciturcs throwing some doubt

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if there is much tenesmus or to check waterj' stools after all signs

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all dormitories occupied by patients are therefore kept open except

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of the inguinal canal. This deficiency is combatted normally by

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on each batch of sugar media prepared by cultures of Klebs-Loeffler

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during the month of December. During October the cases were

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to twelve months old. The results of the latter show, of course,

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were sensitive to the protein of staphylococcus pyogenes aureus

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mystery was reserved for Mr. James Braid, an eminent surgeon in Man-

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their function after the birth of the child. It is also true that

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In shape, it resembles a cylinder stretching horizontally across the back,

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