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trained nui-se, and shorter hours of duty, their cUentele will be-

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glycosuria in four. I have permission also to mention two in the

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for the duties they might be called on to perform in the event

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from the skin, fascial, and muscular layers, to its point of exit from

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I \'ith the (U^'clopment of the effusion there is also a marked

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The patient was a delicate little child, aged dve years, who fell at school,

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nal hernia, of small size, for several years ; had worn a truss; stran-

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instruction in the wealth of tropical dependencies a necessary part

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For his services the General Secretary shall receive a salary which

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prepossessing appearance showed, in the last month of her first

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Following the operation, there was considerable constitutional ex-

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various laboratory and x-ray findings should be used to correct

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patiens Bacchatur vates, magnum si pedore possit excusisse deum."

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better results are obtained by the correlation of workers than is

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that their vital faculties seem to be roused. At 9 o'clock at night, in the

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wrong in the constitution. Probably, as Dr. Prout supposes, the

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consider the change as placing him merely in a more favorable situation

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average of fitness. The work of the years to come will decide how

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the procedure are ob\-ious, and the number of cases in which this

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diminish the amount of incapacity resulting from the accident,

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Civilization and disease have ever marched together, but

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amount of normal saline solution in the alternate tube for the

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has at all corresponded with that of the Canadian Expeditionary

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Villain succeeded in constructing an ideal instrument of which he

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dation. But the fields yield no narvest save to the sweat of the

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tion that a most serious degree of renal inadequacy exists. The

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