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provement on their return home to the St. John climate, and the

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with the object of getting a monopoly of the treatment, and thus

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proteins of cow and ox serum, cow's colostrum and cow's milk by the

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ism in these cases was a comphcating feature in their tuberculosis.

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of scrofulous constitution, in whom the gland, after having been much en-

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the students a broader point of view. Does the fault Ue with the

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studied by the author, the new strain ' H ' manifested itself in various forms

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forpast favors, and solicits a continuation of their patronai^.

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government shall lay out suitable districts without regard for

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only been apparent within quite recent years. Moreover, as we

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The rejjorts of comniunicahlc disea.ses, sent in by the local

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remittent and ending by lysis. The types might be considered as


Demonstration of Anatomy, by Egbert Jamieson, M. D.

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resident of Victoria and Vancouver, died on September 29th, at

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tion and in protracted cases, serous efiusions will be found.

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Shearer, C. On the amount of heat liberated by Bacillus coli when grown

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begin to undergo hv-perplasia in the months immediately preceding

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inoculation several weeks later, fluid was produced rapidly and in

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nosticating the accident), that our friends may be upon the look-out in all

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Fever is usually absent, but a range of 100° to 1005° F. is not un-

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producing bacterial emboli and thus septic infarcts in the injured

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In England, the Ministry of Pensions has pubUcly an-

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should be viewed as a vital factor in the larger undertaking.

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Wright claims that the actinomyces bovis is a separate and

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large bronchus is obstructed by the pressure of the hypertrophied glands,

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pathf)logy, diagnosis and therapy of which have been similarly

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John Grant Gunn, Captain Edmund Percy Lewis, Captain Arthm-

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was thus possible to fill soon the infant's needs by these additions.

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admissions that year were 806; in 1918 the number had increased

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Niagara Falls. Secretary — Dr. G. M. Davis, Welland.

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vocated an expenditure of $0,728,000 on capital account. Among

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