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erection of the original building, this Institution has always mainly de-
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For, notwithstanding their precedence over us, they graciously
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of a cyst similar to the two which have been described, but of an
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This is soon followed by the second lower middle incisor ; the next that
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department of the government : the law must be the same from the
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In this first class, including all those cases in which the fibrin of the
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was recognized as one of the foremost surgeons of the province.
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many members of the legislature when approached by repre-
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of the laboratory to determine size and interval of doses.
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No meconium had yet passed. A small bougie was now introduced,
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The new Kootenay Lake General Hospital, costing $125,000,
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nitrogen retention. In some cases the xu'ine may show an excess
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fift}^ per cent, and caused a reduction of over four years in the aver-
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with whicli to repair a cranial defect. The same may be said of
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must have been aware that, from the distance of the accused parly, his de-
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that its attention be kept awakened, and especially that everyone
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MacNeil, Captain Frank James Elkerton, Captain James W.
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building, as soon as sufficient funds could be procured for the construction
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wound at the optimum degree of temperature. With Hquid-
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tion of the placenta leads us to the conclusion that these infarcts
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jecture, our conclusion conjectural, at best, may, and probably will

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