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heart muscle is attacked by infeccion or weakened by the degenera-

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and pollens at that particular age of onset of asthma.

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\fi\i\ licforn the Acodomy of Mpdiciiic, Toront.ci, DiTcmlKr IT(h, 1918.

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rickets. Pups kept largely in the open air may escape the development of

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Diseases). 338 pages, illustrated. Price, $2.75. Pub-

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state of our knowledge very few cases are unrecognized.

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without doubt the ones representing the lowest step of civiUzation.

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pain in the back. The legs looked normal, and there was no wast-

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cotemporary appears to be aware that a report of observations thus made,

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Captain Japies Frederick Stewart Marshajl, M.C., is posted

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In the thyroid type of toxaemia the thyroid gland is evidently

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arms, there is no question that the cinematic treatment will im-

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to increase again, on any new exacerbation of the disease. But in chronic

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it necessary to inij)ose restrictions on such imports. They

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cent., which remains more or less constant iri'espective of the alti-

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there is every possibihty of employing the principle successfully,

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