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in trenches subsequently captvu-ed from the enemy, led me to

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tracting causes a partial and sometimes a complete obstruction

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the time, the place, and the circumstances, the tomb of the bien-heu"

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for special diseases, while tumours were supposed to be cured by

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reservoir to the termination of the most distant recess of the wountl

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4. Treatment. This is not a medical lecture, so I shall not

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recently been so successful in the treatment of mental diseases. His main object will be to make

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P. has this season devoted one day in each week to Clinical Instruction,

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as belonging to Grade I over those of lower grades; that the best

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** Extraordinary coincidence," as the red-haired man exclaimed to

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low level; after each meal it mounts somewhat to fall again after

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now control almost the whole of Africa; with their mode of living

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done. Rutherford Morrison said to this Association in 1914:

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success and a restless state of mind precludes steadfastness to

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three times a week, and strict attention to be paid to diet, which,

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or any other person to supply the Registrar-General with such

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and lungs. This was completed and pubhshed in May, 1826.

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disUnnon of the vessels of the abdominal viscera^ and, of course, irri-

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