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Besides this, gentlemen, is there another country in the world
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He requested that some of your readers will make trial of the reme-
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been assailed on the ground that it assumes unjustly that intelli-
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caused in the year 1837, by the announcement that Mr. Crosse, of Brom-
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she cannot raise it by three inches as high as she did the other. —
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of his field of practice. Dr. Chipn^an leaves a widow, and a sur-
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return to consciousness no doubt being due to the stimulating
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might kill germs, yet they did not necessarily remove dirt, and
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attaining eighteen years, while of the remainder the bulk was
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generally interest the whole of I'-urope in the dreadful plights of
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precise opposite of the truth. For we know well that one gush of
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failure will be forever. Let all those then who are friendly to the cause
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cross, or letters Uke L. I. V. T., etc. These figures were placed
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monogamy: the social enviromnent of man to-day appears to de-
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inllaniniatory condition of this region. This condition is l)y no
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methods employed were ineffective in that they did not reach the
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later the nurse who had come on the scene was also in bed. Three
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probable that the number of patients discharged to the Depart-
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BRANT COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY :— President— Dr. E. R. Secord, Brant-
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of bark was afterwards added. The dulness in the left side was
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seemed to contain no thymus gland. The patient's condition began

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