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The reproach that the city of Halifax does not possess one
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and he is a graduate of McCJill Univer.-ity of the cltuss of 1910.
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BUndness", which is the motto of the place, and in massage,
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of primary suture but in the incidence of gas gangrene, was so
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(prodigeously well done it was, too, this last !) Nay inore, the text, "the
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The first of these, is connected with phthisis, in which, as all know,
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By request of the committee, we again beg our city readers to give, with-
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some cases, hundreds of men bad to be passed under re\'iew day after
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disease if taken in hand immediately may be arrested in ninety-nine cases
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six cases with a mortality of 42 per cent., and he attributed this
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as certain evidence of acidosis, for acetone bodies may appear in
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observaticns. In Series I of our "Sddieh in TypiiDid Kever",
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for such nuisances. They should not be allowed to rent houses to
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to that booklet, to congratulate the League upon its pubhcation
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permit a contiiniaiicc of this decadency'.' All will rinphatirully
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Your criticism of this expenditure of energy is obvious and
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of a fetv years. There seemed to be endless difficulties in the
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bom alive, in the majority of cases death will occur from toxsemia
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bleed — acidoBis — is undoubtedly the most frequent, but not the
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word in behalf of those men who have carried on at home ? Many
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any very definite goal, but for all that, the new weapon placed in
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and in 1915, feeling the call for service overseas, he joined the
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timely interference of your representati\^es averted the passing of
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wbic h weights may be placed. Such is the simple apparatus, and the mode
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in conducting the Gazette, is to please all parties, if it be possible honestly
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IN the presidential address to the tenth congress of American
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numerous gifts from the Toronto Red Cross Society. The Home

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