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of the convention. Dr. Vahn, of Laval University, Montreal,

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The meeting in many respects will be an historical one. It is

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marck. In every large German town there is a tropical museum

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medical officer whilst looking right at the patient, "This man hears

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and creatinin, rest nitrogen, and often aimnonia. Indican is not

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opened by him, through the generosity of an American

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heart beat begins in the embryo and lower vertebrates. The

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benefits ; (2) that, unless they can be disproved, a pension claimant's

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of Breschet, that the formative process, like the reparative, partakes large-

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under almost any combination of valvular lesions. It is when the

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M. Trousseau, in a second part of his memoir, treats of the diseases

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of study, for it is, every word of it. Amongst other things of great

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Minnie Maclnnis, MjTtle INIacMillan, Harriet T. Meiklejohn,

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The patient had been losing weight and having attacks of pain in

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the nostril, and the maxillary sinus. The third is not so strictly limited,

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has laUly in-i'U awartled the liar to the Distinguished Service Order.

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tionary as the direct outcome of the war. "Bip" is a combination

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geographically, and during different stages of the epidemic in

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nnacquainted with them, can scarce be aware of the relief they afford in one of the most distress-

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city of a population of nearly three quarters of a milUon persons.

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opposition to the principle involved could be had, even from the

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