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ment at Leysin, near St. Moritz, Switzerland, has been famous for

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have all the ramifications of extensive disease. In the chest,

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examination of the lu-ine in six hundred consecutive cases of children

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with hips elevated, being permitted to lie on its side at the expira-

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relation to the medical profession, by Dr. M. D. Morrison, Halifax,

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the Faculty of Medicine to Charles Grant Bain; in the Faculty of

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ation of the follicular apparatus existed, to which, as he had read

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Writers everjTvhere have endeavoured to describe this strange

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ten thousand individuals unselected and sort them into classes

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seas Military Forces of Canada: Captains A. J. Randall, L. D.

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place the actinomyces in a distinct gi'oup, between the bacteria


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e\idence of this deterioration in the form of a greater number of

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we had advanced some reason for thinking that the hepatic derangement

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wounds discharging copiously. Diffuse celluUtis of inner half of

dasatinib-induced pleural effusions a lymphatic network disorder

classify as mainly of ante-natal and natal origin, myopia and eye

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Causes of Death. — Homicide, 0; accidents, drowned, 14 ; run over

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iie, Loggieville, N.S. Secretary-treasurer — Dr. Hayes, Nelson, N.S.

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and while our Nova Scotia statistics do not show that a tendency to

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of mercury to 40 m.m. and then insert his tongue in the tube.

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gioups. "p'eet" (including flat feet, hallux valgus and hammer

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extent and that the elasticity of the Binet scale permits it to cover

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elephantiasis arabum ; also a severe case of eczema impetiginodes^

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or posteriorly. I find it verj- helpful, and alwaj^s a safe precaution

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may be used, if less accessible or of firmer texture the forceps are better.

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ever agree ; and it will be^accordingly found that the displays of

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sirable to the clinical study of individual cases, I wish to describe

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