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danger on the patient, and being quite unnecessary. That it gives
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is proportionally urgent. For ordinary purposes, however, well selected
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the external abdominal ring. The margins of this fascia are re-
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Before considering how the eugenist proposes to amend man
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bleeding arrested, spirit mopping, B.I. P. P., protected mattress
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abdominal distention and perceptible stiffness of the right rectus
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If we eliminate the changes in this cardio-vasculo-renal system
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have become accustomed to consider gas bacillus empyema as a
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are inclined to subscribe for it, they will please notify the publisher of
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John Taylor Lewis, Ma.jor Thomas Herbert Bell, Lieutenant-
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be opened for the experienced muse. I am sure it is safe to say
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is dexlansoprazole available over the counter
Estabhshment hospitals. The Department with its medical and
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tion of the President, shall be delegated all the rights and powers
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worst forms of phthisis ; in fact, experience has led me to consider
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and the sulphate of zinc were siibstittuted for the alkali. This change
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Vl/HEN I was invited bj^ the Association to read a paper at its
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they hurl his eyes and do not help the constant "blinking".
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lection, and in so doing has added much to his responsibility. It
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attention than England's example. The following report has
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Mort'over, a conii)arison t>f the urea output in ralil)its <'ating
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An unusual amoxmt of space has been devoted to the ortho-
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The second group, in which the diagnosis is based upon clinical
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toms of the disease and when perhaps the crowding of barracks did
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schemes of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage dis-
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Here we beg leave to differ with the able professor. We have yet to
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