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tial to medical boards, for categorization, for pensions and for the
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of what can be done in the repair of the Uds by epidermis inlay and
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Adopted as standard for medical division. Signal Corps,
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not increase the number of bayonets, and it will very materially
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these American figures include Grades II and III among the rejects,
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same, make it impossible for the enemy to take up arms again for
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two parts, involving a consequent separation into two lymph sys-
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the same length and nearly four inches in width, surface covered
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shows marked alterations in reaction. The change is always an increase in
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retiun of the ex-soldier to normal and successful civil Ufe. It is
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he took up Medicine and obtained the degree of M.D., CM., sub-
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Colonel Arthur Evans Snell, C.M.G., D.S.O., mihtary district
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He points out the necessity of the proper classification of
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sent a vivid tint, when the suppuration is abundant, but gradual emacia-
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be to forty seconds, being the time that a good pilot should svistain
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no more cases of murder committed by joiner's apprentices, or boys too
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like the chronic form of influenza. It is too early to make a posi-
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setzung der Blutkorperchen. [On the chemical composition of the "blood-
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in the volume of the individual respirations. Eventually this will
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provided there is no alteration of the cornea due to previous dis-
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of blood were taken from behind the ears, and she fainted ; on recovery
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This master mind was given charge of all fractured femurs. He
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not to he i)ol]ut(d by unhallowed hands nor molested by the com-
having begun in 1916 with four nurses, which number was increased
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established among the children not to keep any sickness a secret;
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"The Ungeared Mind" is not a book likely to have a large
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