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tion in Ontario, so far as these relate to the classes of persons to be
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considerable experimentation was done before we were able to
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ser\'ice because of physical unfitness, and that this, in the majority
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laymen as well as members of the medical profession, and whose
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liver and skin. That the soruin of the effusion is not the active
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announcement of the death of Thomas Hugh Balfe, M.D., CM.,
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A SPECIAL conference was held in Moncton, in December,
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needs of the school-child called my attention to \'ery many other
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Rectal examination. Prostate normal in size, contour and
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Lancety (September lith, 1841,) the following very interesting case.
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cicatrix of a reddish color, drawing down the lower lid, and occa-
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eligard 45 mg package insert
Psammomata, since usually subdural, might be affected by radium, especially
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Ann Mitchell (admitted January 10, discharged February 8,) was
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disabihty in percentage. The result shows a great diversity of
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will cause breathlessness of an extreme degree, and a fatal issue.
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acute cases is reduced to one half the normal weight. The outer
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mucus, which oceiudod the ducts and prx-kcts opening into the
lupron eligard side effects
'THE action of Ihc fraternal societies of Montreal in com-
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cessive punctiu-es in a case of cerebral hsemorrhage was followed by
leuprolide (lupron eligard)
There is one more important point which the above table

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