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We must develop more of the get-together spirit. Our local or

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that the world feels more its loss and reahzes better not only the

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a gentleman already highly esteemed as a teacher, and well known as a

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gave an admirable paper on the treatment of simple fractures.


woikcrs have been applying themselves to the problem.

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seen in camp was the large nimiber of phlyctenular conjunctivitis

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classes above the mean, constitute 50 per cent, of the total. If we

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governments near Calgary. A telegram to this effect has beeti

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value in helping one to trace disorders of the heart to their respective

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The Bar to the Mlitary Medal has been awarded to E. H.

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one spot, where it had been detached." In the evening a sudden gush

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West Cliff Canadian Eye and Ear Hospital. This service, in need

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if contracted following one or more injections of the vaccine?"

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The first edition of Dr. Dewees' work on the diseases of children,

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Student of Practical Medicine and Surgery, the Association have determined to continue the fee

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abiUtj' to produce fibrillation before toxic sj-mptoms appear even

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irritant into a pleura. As above stated, virulent bacilli were fomid

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tendency or locahzation is the more marked, and I think the distal

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be formed, which gradually increasing, gains thickness to its walls

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