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size and are very cellular One tiunoxir (Case 5) does not show
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Along with its many benefits, digitalis is said to have the untoward
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ascending and descending branches are given off which run per-
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Service Boards, which have been in action since November, 1917,
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"The symptoms which accompany the shallow breathing are
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■when contracting against great resistance. Along with the sub-
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ilf-organized, and non-vascular deposits (as in grey tubercle), or
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is "from the lymph stream", and if so, we have at once a fluid
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Reports were received from one hundred and eight physicians
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the acute toxsemia of later pregnane}^ but those remedies which
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The bearing of all this upon the subject is made evident by a
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Municipal Hospital of Magdeburg-Altstadt, and concludes that the condition
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ness? Just what was done at a former operation may be of the
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ness, yM is its Jteple ever the same — indulgence in propensities,
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exhaustion. There is a third variety of febrile urine, in which there is no
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ment, but it 6e^^•es to indicate the great value of the treatment in
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aspect of the ventricular wall. The ventricle was also empty of
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In J. Walker Park's case, the eye-Uds were adherent at their
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and the necessary attendants, at t)oarding- houses and hotels.
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