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all suppurative lesions in the urinary tract e\adently pro^'es here
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A Manual of Exercises for the Correction of Speech Dis-
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pare with Switzerlantl, where it was 12()'7 per 100,000. Under Dr.
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knpossiUe to present a continuous account of the clinical instruction at
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general practitioner does not often recognize the condition in his
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those of the epidemic of 1889-1800, the crippled and wounded
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to the right." The chair is then stopped, and he will say at once,
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the State and the medical profession to avoid that disease? And
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medical profession would receive fii'st consideration. The coimcil
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Captain William Martyn ceases to be attac hed to th(^ Clearing
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ho retains his membership in an affiliated society or association,
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A prominent urologist has stated that prostatic massage alone
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which I detached it from the cheek. I then cut out a V shaped
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wound ; but every thing appears to be going on favorably.
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to the rank of captain in 1916, and major in 1918. He was at-
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Geiger's set of bone instruments. It is true that a large part of
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degree ;ind i^ it prodmcd by slight, moderate or extreMu> exertion.
the regular practitioner and university graduate, but also by the
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Granting that an antiseptic, in the strength used, has power to

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