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$125,000 to enforce vaccination, and by the efforts of Dr. Roberts,

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I have no doubt, from the quantity of blood which was vomited

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Health Department alone had between seven and eight hundred

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ant-Colonel) C. Hunter, Major W. G. Lyall, Captain J. Bilodeau,

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fringe of any work lying outside the confines of his daily toil.

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minutes of being unwell, vomiting came on, which lasted three hours, he did

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■vision, this plate will serve not only to support the Up, but also to

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sensitive to one of these types of proteins was also sensitive to some

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especially in the skin and does not become generalized. The disease may

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law, placed the Canadian Society on equal footing with the various

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g. Prevention of infection — see Ontario Act, Section No. 8.

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extensively advertised nostrums for constipation should be discour-

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as a young and already distinguished scholar from Owen's

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of the soft, non-penetrating rays which cause the dermatitis, so

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Berlin and Vienna by their perfect organization were


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there was some ditTerence of opinion, the convention finally agi'eed

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measures or which recur, to a thorough investigation of their urinary

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of the breast, etc.) or an indefinite tubular arrangement.

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tion for seventy-one days following operation, union remained

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polyhedral. Many appeared as clear spaces while others con-

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dents from all parts of this and the adjoining states, come to New York to at-

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pages. Price 4/6 net. Publishers: BailUere, Tindall &

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But, midouhtedly, the loss of so large a proportion of Grade I

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insurance act. To some it has seemed advisable that this

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The Dnunmond Street Hospital (250 beds), Montreal, has

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of the permeability of the walls of the pleural cavity,

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number are included thirteen cases requiring re-opening after the

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of captured German medical war accessories as splints, drugs,

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hold affected The pathological and bacteriological section of this study deals

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by the Medical fraternity, as the one locality where the

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and hyperpnoea the acidosis ; stupor and prostration the intoxication.

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