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Vice-President — Dr. C. E. Smyth. Secretary-treasurer — Dr. J. S. Macleod.

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only. A special wing will be built for this purpose in connection

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the same principles should be followed. Careful diagnosis and

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to be said concerning them, except that we are doing all we can

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families. In all 8,000 dwellings were found to be overcrowded.

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pole and replaced the lower three fourths of the anterior surface

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Halifax, Nova Scotia. Secretary — Dr. J. G. Fitzgerald, LIniversity ol Toronto.

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with fracture. Two of these were taken prior to the application

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high rate is always ominous. Development of local septic foci

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disturbance of liver function, as in delayed chloroform poisoning

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bearing upon the various phases of the work of the medical pro-

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the war that the chance of going back there for a post-graduate

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department had not as yet been able to secure a competent man for

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it spot by spot, small surface by small surface, increasing so, the

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and later on the right side, correspond to the cases described by

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engaged day in, daj^ out, at indoor occupations, undergo a slow

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rhoea, which it will be difficult or even impossible to check.

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it may be patchy, so that on palpation the lung is nodular to the

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flammation of the knee was cured by leeches, followed by an iodine

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www.enzymedica.com the importance of ph balance

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position of the apex. If the maximum apical impulse with the

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to warrant drawing any definite conclusions. Pfahler and Zuhck"^,

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varied in a way remarkably parallel with the severity of the symp-

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the contents of one tube sufficed to seed a flask. Cultivation

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de Clinique," when M. Larrey, having tried without success the intro-

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which Virchow laid on medical thought has made us demand

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bell, Vancouver. Secretary — Dr. H. W. Riggs, Vancouver.

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and, according'to Dr. Borson,by Jurine, of Geneva. I began my trials

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warm gauze with painpinilorm plexus and Vas intact. The other

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peevish and drowsy, though perfectly sensible when roused. He

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Inoculation of the pupils of the pubhc schools against in-

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upon the metabolism of the mother that it was unable to meet in

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