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And here we would give a word of friendly advice to all those,

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In an effort to arrive at a standard basis of settlement the

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mal; headache after landing, and insomnia frequently follows a

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a lengthy and instructive discassion. The second paper was con-

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men who have had normal vision before proceeding to France, and

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alumnus. Dr. Stewart was one of the lecturers in the old Halifax

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and that is that by prescribing glasses you change him from an

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sionally found altered in the gall bladder after death, we do not perceive

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noon and evening sessions. The address of welcome was given by

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Heredity, it is certain, is a gieat factor in mental alienations.

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skill, nor has his gentle spirit lost anything of the original fresh-


matter out logically we must fii-st agree that these well meaning

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Wuth, O. Ueber biologische Wirkungen proteinogener Amine. Zugleich ein

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patients ; but at lengthy boys, and even old men, were infected.^

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with a partial Nonne-l>'roin syntlrome, together with the anomalous

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doctors had gone overseas from Vancouver alone, and the

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progressive democratic policy for complete nationalization of

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the stomach is completely empty, and in seven hours from the

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thick, to make its way upward and be replaced by the heavier

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D.had leliered, up to the time when his paper was written, was 16. The

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Our American friends, on the other side of the border, were not

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examination, an obstruction to the passage of the finger or a probe through

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larger than an egg, which was followed by slight hemorrhage and

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of hyperthjToidism, which were later confirmed by operation and

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On the Diseases of the Chest, Percussion and Auscultation, by J. A. Swett, M. D. Clinical In-

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and practised effective means for the control and prevention of

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of the Rotary Club conferred with the Board of Control and the

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in bone, gland, and pleurisy cases, where the sun cure was used

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attract that generosity than that of supplementing the assist-

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Dr. Guasiainacchi, has introduced the endermic. use of quinine in a new

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four, thirty-six, forty-eight hours, and even for longer periods,

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some can be made fit again for service but where the problem arises

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in 1917-1918, chiefly in military camps in the United States

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is as impossible to saddle Shakespeare with extreme views in regard

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since gas masks have come in vogue, and it is a grave mistake to

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manj- cases, to determine its cause. Excluding renal, cardiac and

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lay great stress upon it; because, in the first place there may have

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Opportunists are not needed to administer a large city; the

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when the sunlight w'as suddenly let in upon them, they hurried to

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this Society, one of the most influential in the world, the pressing

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should not conclude that the organization is complete. To treat

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Corresponding Secretary — Dr. A. E. Macaulay, St. John. Treasurer — Dr. J. D

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of apnoea may last about as long as the periods of breathing. Dur-

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for single rooms, the former w-ith, and the latter without bath.

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gested, and everywhere could be seen a petechial haimorihage.

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less elevated, and though the mucous surface is destroyed, and the surfa-

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am positive the changes were due to trauma-windage.

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in its dietary is made owing apparently to a rapidly developing

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settled countries where surgery is rarely practised, the author met

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even know what it means. Well, during the war, in the Mother-

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This was judged by the turbidity of a standard suspension.

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Malignant endocarditis is generally the consequence of an

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positively stated that it was due to bacterial invasion, this seems

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As to anti-syphilides I should name among the arsenicals

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at the Hamilton meeting last year, the writer had this to say:

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pictures. Toronto: The Macmillan Co. of Canada, Ltd.,

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is dev'oted to a discussion on anatomy and physiology of nerv'es and

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