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true. To this fact much of the awakening in health matters
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men. This war is very far from being a matter of all loss and no
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an object would draw around it every power of the profession and
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resources, the surgeon would often find it impossible to give to the
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an able paper on certain affections of the heart, by that accomplished pa-
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To attempt to attribute the condition we know as disordered
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presented a much more angry appearance after the first twenty-four
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detailed to perform the duties, temporarily, of D.A.D.M.S., military
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ed which excited a suspicion of the nature of the accident, no sudden cry
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or poor health. The nurse should gather all suspect cases into the
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is often only the external manifestation of a pleurisy somewhere
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to establi.sh fractions equitable for this country.
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contusion of the eyeball. On admission, right vision was 6/36,
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plan has been tried and succeeded ; it is simple and painless ; let it be
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care of 232 country cases. That city had taken care of 484 cases
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believie is due, not so much to the operation as to the fact that
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6/24 vision without glasses is much to be preferred.
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and Present," "Water Supply and Sewage Disposal," "Modem
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to those around him, of venereal infection ; the mode of infection ;
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formation of nodular masses in the deeper layers. This extends
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with cold nitric acid. Cold acetic acid also showed a cloud (euglo-
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blood pressure and the amoimt of albumen in the urine, but an
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oughly investigated? That great neglect in the thorough search
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but also to the members who felt that the journal was not as
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than gleanings, even though they are capable of better things, with
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of the value of the services rendered to the Journal by Sir
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Addresses in Public Health— J. W. S. McCullough, M.D.,
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the noble structure on the square between Spruce and Pine and Eighth
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transmission of the vital fluid from the one to the other of these
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active process rather than the underlying and predisposing factor
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methods of combatting these diseases, and the rigid enforcement
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the position of travelling medical officer created last year, but

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