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reap the reward! l''orni<-r juwociates, close friends, and worthy

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of the same kind, but upon a smaller scale, at various periods, and

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condition present. Nor are we surprised to learn that in a large

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A period of one minute was allotted at each distance. If at the

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.Vli d(jct()rs believed that the aileries wore full of free air and that

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government will co-operate, and are prepared to go to the extent of

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burton, and Dr. James Henderson, Toronto, (brothers); Dr. John

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the fact that the average period in hospital was three weeks; this

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people and urging them to fall into hne on the set date.

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various strengths. The common syrup of sarsaparilla is altogether

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much swollen, and very red and tender. J!he gouty affection sub-

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mj' judgment the council should never give up the control of the

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symptoms, such as the sUght polycytha'mia observed by Captains

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similarly oxalated plasma, but which has just been recalcified and so is not

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however, this (juestion is deserving of more careful consideration

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but was similar to that which follows the introduction of any mild

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questra, and shrapnel dust still present." It was not thought

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of the Gazette. To each of these the Gazette will be sent. Those who

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arsenic, and by the addition of sugar to the diet in considerable

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These fingers are connected by means of a strong cord with

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in the pelvis but possesses a considerable range of mobility. The

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and more artificial. The same is true of the death-rate. Both

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ft-om an infection of gum margins. A diagnosis of Vincent's was

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tion, nearly useless. M. B. condemns the operation. M. Gerdy was

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always, and necessarily, connected with that organic disease, which,


Towards the end of October, as nutrition of the nose seemed

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filgrastim injection cost in india

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