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by the glycosuria and which might result in diabetes. The diag-

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are, slight febrile action, nervous excitability, giddiness of the head, rest-

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this infarct indicated that it had taken place at least some days

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charge, slightly offensive; edges of wovmd are overhanging, but

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The first case one sees of a special disease or complication usually

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per cent). This might be due to retention of the urea or to de-

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public, they holding to the doctrine that themselves, as well as the public,

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should come to the I'nitetl States Public Health Service

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in the House to prohibit the manufacture, importation or sale of

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arrangements for the medical survey ot the children attending

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this remedy has been given in too small doses, and in objectionable com-

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thymus. Sinorzersky®^ studied twenty cases of exophthalmic

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rior to draw down the pupil beyond the mar^n of the upper tid.

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When, now eight years ago, the Royal Society of Medicine,

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idea will permeate all strata of society, and be a real understand-

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gingivolabial junction, was armed with a brass wire, the inner of

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twenty of gastric fever, 16 typhus, 10 dartres and zona, 42 itch, 8 scarla-

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vasation of blood and rapid spread of infection; the characteristic

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Secretary— Dr. J. H. Elliot, 11 Spadina Road. Treasurer — Dr. J. H. McConnell.

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In addition to making diagnosis, record-taking and assisting

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the term adopted by Holt, has attracted, in recent years,

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