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heated for one hour at 60° C, sterility being determined. On such a medium

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trust that in the discussion on this subject before the Canadian

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then yellowish or greenish coloured fluid, and after a time very

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untiring worker, beloved by all wth whom he came in contact.

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regarding the heahng of wounds; the resistance of serous surfaces;

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enormous one, and I fear that I have treated it in but a cursory

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he had been working assiduously, in addition to all his other duties,

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cases, and ha\ang ventured to suggest what interpretations, in our

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admission to hospital is as easy and simple for the mental sufferer

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men on parade make a point of emphasising that neither prophy-

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Those were the sanitation of dwellings, cleaning of cities, inspection

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pox pustule," in the Lancet, June 12, 1841, gives his sanction. The

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transverse 3 1-4 in., and the oblique 4 1-2 in. Taking the boy's age

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morphological staining and cultural characteristics, also sugar

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cases of supphes were received at the Boulogne warehouse and

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and Surgeons of Ontario". The resolution of the council states that

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upon standing. The degree of change is not influenced by the environ-

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one who, endowed with the necessary qualities, knowing that which

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some valuable practical information, which will benefit both young and old.

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