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tat up to even 14 gin. per kilo body-weight does not prevent the onset of

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the physical capacity of the adult manhood of Great Britain and

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impress Mr. Justice Hodgins, the government commissioner,

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Scbultze: Mitieil. a. d. Grenzgeh. d. Med. u. Chir., 1906, xvi, 161. 53. Gierke: MUnch.

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hospital, but his constitution was broken. Phthisis supervened. At

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of Pharmacy, reports this year there will be accommodation for

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with their external lesions soundly healed, and that the average

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cough and anuria. A polygraphic tracing was taken, and the

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npHE experiences of the last five years have strongly emphasized

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milk nisidue. Nisible peristalsis is generally accepted as a constant

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This was done* on the 8th., in the way 1 ordinarily operate for strab-

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That the Criminal Code of Canada be amended so that a

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five men have been in residence at the sanitorium, usually for from

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Pulmonary Tuberculosis. By Maurice Fishberg, M.D., chni-

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nearly as common ; sometimes occuring with it. Hypertrophy, thickening

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producing spore-forming organisms. In our series of cases we

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arise from the fact that doctors, both military and civilian, find

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announces that the first hospital district as p^o^'ided for in the

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Cunningham'"^ reports experiments on dogs from which he con-

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each medical college in Canada, and the following cfficers:

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Ktruction with marked strangulation this is most intense and

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experience gained during the i)rcscnt war. Raising the rates

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sailor in whom they may be interested in a professional capacity.

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scenes and endless excitement, and he has been subjected to the

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