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lesion. In those cases invohdng the head and neck, probably
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one of pericarditis accompanied by symptoms resembling those produced
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nation, they might be mistaken for gypsies on a march, bending beneath
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says that twenty years ago, the sheep industry of Michigan received
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Professor Dunglison will lecture regularly on Clinical Medicine, and Professor Pancoaston Clinical
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chosen field, and to such an extent had he gained the goodwill and
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absence of the corpora cavernosa. The glans was of the usual size and
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into the Faculty of Medicine was one hundred and seven. The
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Clair MacKay, Captain Peter Francis McClure, Captain Arthur
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see if it contains fluid. Fifth, the preceding requirements will be
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post-graduate instruction. The large cUnical centres of the United
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due. There is a field, the boundaries of which cannot yet
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more to reheve disabilitj' and prolong life than in these cases of
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cared for, will be capable of supporting large families who will
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What can be done to prevent so serious a complication of preg-
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pounds, first baby in family; parents both healthy and no history
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vention, mitigation or suppression of disease. In certain parts of
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Of one hundred and eighty cases examined, one hundred
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Case 3. Mr. M., age nineteen, eruption appeared ten years
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apply with still greater force to Canadian literature. We have
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members of society, and they now deceive themselves that they
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days, but in some cases it never reappears, which renders it advisable to
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sent to every new member of the medical profession in the Dominion
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The supposition of the vascular character of trinitrotoluene
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causing nausea and vomiting in those who ate of the bread, made of
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tinguished service cross "For conspicuous heroism under fire".
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glycosuria in four. I have permission also to mention two in the
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of Montreal." Mr. McBride, the president, concludes with this

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