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merely by the weight of the limb, in one of M. Collin's cases, restored the

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with an evening rise. At one period I suspected fluid in the

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tigates the nature of the modifications which the different diseases pro-

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of glucose to appear in the urine when the blood sugar reaches or

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and it is at this point that dextri-maltose should be added to the

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interpretation. The important point to be noted is that these

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admitted until over a week after the onset of symptoms and it is

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Hospital, and assistant Superintendent to the Queen Street Toronto

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focus he has for treatment a woimd more or less comparable to that

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"The hospital creates an equation which consists of service

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The cause of the epidemic is attributed to the great dampness

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normal elasticity of the skin not impaired. As it is not uncommon

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As a result of investigation during the recent months, we have

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with care the mortality rate at different ages of life from to 15

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The actual conversation over the open wound will determine largely

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usually affecting the inhabitants of the locality where he practises.

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For years the teaching has been that the condition, which may

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were evacuated to the United Ivingdom for further treatment.

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positive. The iritis had cleared up under salvarsan, mercury and

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exophthalmic goitre of which three are his own and the others

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If this plan should be adopted, a doctor would be as essential in a

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