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our moral sense was moved to profound indignation at the whole-

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take a two-hour's journey after the act; he certainly will not take it.

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branches without being extravasated through their parietes ; it also pre-

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presented by Dr. Tovell in 1916. A trace of sugar was found in

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Principles and Practice of Surgery, by Jonathan Knight, M. D.

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An excellent case is made out for radium treatment by Dr. W. H.

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also belongs to hygiene. But, far from being the most important,

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Read before the Montreal MeJioo-Clxirurgical Society, January 17th, 1919.

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have led to the definite statement that nutrition fails, and

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is a lai^e residuum unaccounted for. An actually increased exu-

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census was to be taken in co-operation with the Hoard of Health.

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his son to come up. Nothing unusual was noticed about his con-

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place is an added and unnecessary detail in a busy service, while it

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be rest, which may be absolute or relative according to the extent

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consists in administering atropine, either by suppository (gr. 1/75)

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cent. Each board might be consistent in its own awards but

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may be absolutely cvu-ed in less than a week by means of the Ball-

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depends upon many products which can be grown only in the

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the book, which is 275 pages of text with 116 illustrations, is de-

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course in child welfare. Four nurses have ah'eadj' graduated in

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fluid which escaped on opening the skull was considerable, the

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elements, and, lest it pass on to hypertrophy which characterizes

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In the majority the only additional treatment was an occasional mild pur-

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tissues,while their substances is the same, we therefore arrived at the con- «

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remarks on the morbid effects of dentition^ mare particularly with

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An Account of the Origin ^ the Use of Mercury in Infammatory i

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GUELPH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION:— President—A. T. Hobbs. Secretary— J.

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eminent authorities, both in Europe and America, and we must be

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function, would be also such as would abate the inflammation on which

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staphylococcus. These, however, were superimposed on the charac-

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