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addressed the gathering on the post graduate medical work in

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in medicine and surgery. The programme of the sections will be

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and avian types respectively.] Compt. rend. Soc. de biol, 1921, 84, 606.

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Ministry of Health and its consequent effect on the medical

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It ma}' be recognized in a variety of ways. The most conclusive


tory rate are due ijirgoly to alterations in the stimuli reaching the

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municipal home kept for this purpose alone. Such a home could

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poisoning. The severity of thfs condition varies considerably.

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possible to adopt them for the coming autunm and winter.

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Scrotum: Right side is greatly enlarged; no tenderness. A mass

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equipment for ordinary medical, surgical and laboratory work,

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Dr. Third, Kingston, gave a clinical demonstration on the

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also has been found frequently as a partner of mixed infections,

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centres, with fewer, bigger and better hospitals, training schools

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As a result of Dr. Robert Ohver's trip to the Delta District

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ih to produce an initial paralysis of* the cardiac muscle fibres, and (2) to

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lobular structures. The whole lobule is replaced by red blood

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of interesting but puzzling points in the pathology of scurvy and

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old king adds by way of terror : '< an unctuous and oily kind of soot, has

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often occurring several {in one case ten days) after the temperature

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One of the most recent organizations formed for aiding the

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early, rarely fails to greatly accelerate the fatal termination of the

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