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ser\'ices as medical officer over a battalion of native troops, he

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Medical Corps. A nnich-necded jukiition is an adiliated body of

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dif ill four or five weeks, even though the ]ih1h!il(>in excretion may

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organisnLs are most frequently found either alone or in combina-

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much moi-e important that the same principle .-hould govern in

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Dentition, — Epoch of the Appearance of the First Tooth.-^M, Trousseau

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subsided rapidly, and the discharge after irrigation had been dis-

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all heart conditions are grouped together, constituting S" 12 per cent,

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viavf is afforded of the hip joint, and with a chisel the contiguous

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Following him the Rev. Captain H. A. Kent, D.D., Professor of

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powerful movement of a very short terminal stump This move-

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although it cannot be measured in dollars and cents. His training

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been almost diagnostic of all this group of acute influenzal infections,

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the consultation broke up in confusion, leaving the patient to *.' chew

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to digitalis, toxic symptoms being produced by comparatively small

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Buildings. --The centre building and main wings of the new Hospital

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Ik! taught to take u different view point. Every effort must be

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marks the degree of inflammatory action, and not according to the number

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two tables for each surgeon increased materially the amoimt of work

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medicine is to give his personal attention to the students who are

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us a sufficiency of data from which to construct a first census of

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ballot, after nomination, to act on the Executive Council for one

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tumoiu* is not essential to the diagnosis, it can nearly always be felt

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the children in the schools, ajid upon that survey will be based

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large maternity hospital is about to be removed. The Salvation

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Next in the catalogue of authorities, is the paper of Dr. D. F. Con-

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permitted to witness, gratuifcuslf^ the treatment of th« patienu of the New York Eje and Ear In-

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epidemic might have done much to reduce the total number of

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ber of lice, that their faces and hands were covered by them. One has since

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