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rations, but they would all prove the same thing. The periosteum
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sor Parker's Clinical Lectures, published in this day's Gazette. It is one
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as responsible citizens of the state. T need but mention the hip,
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Ante-mortem cardiac clots are of common occurrence in the
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things almost as revolutionary have taken place, and it will be to
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had observed epidemics of pneumonia with several members of the same house-
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ten years. The physical exanaination revealed signs and symptoms
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seminal vesicles into the lower back, the rectum or the testis.
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of his ceasing to be a member under the previous provit ions of this
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the treatment of all the rabbits on one day was rubbed up with
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rest regimen which their tuberculosis requires. The well-known
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The negroes who came in contact with these different races
japan's great earthquake of 1923 facts
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contained in the two Nos. before us. The observations in the 3d No. were
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protein eaten. Newburgh thinks the amino acids may be
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depression existed in a conesponding situation on the right side, the bot-
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to treat private patient^. In the great majority of cities this is
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corneal lesions, defective Ught, and the constant use of poor printing.
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success by Meyerhof. He has found that there is a balance between the
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ha\-ing widely varjdng cultural characteristics, a different habitat,
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ses of the fracture of important bones, and that from the result of these
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duty, it is most essential to get the military point of view. And
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diagnostic points, operated, no matter how skilfully, but ignored
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extensive indeed. The repair and even the reformation of the
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ular disease of the kidney, the frequent connection of which with
the great earthquake and firestorms of 1906 pdf
diagnosis of hypernephroma made (S. 60-17). The tumour mass
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ploy men who understand the business, even if it coats a few shillings
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which had the power of converting urea into ammonium carbonate,
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her case a hopeless one, and thought it our duty to inform her of
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stimulate elimination are exceedingly valuable. Should the patient
the next great earthquake in california
the great earthquake and firestorms of 1906
conference respectfully urges upon the Government of Canada, to
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of that institution. His only son. Dr. George Campbell, a young
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on the aortic valve. The important lesions, in addition to ex-
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being primary renal tumours as suprarenal rest derivatives.
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together he gave an excellent analysis of the condition, and grouped
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Bristowe in the Trans. Path. Soc, vols, vii and xiv. He discusses
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November 26th while at his home in \ermont, and was taken to a
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in the general labour market, or normal capacity for ordinary work.
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On the existence of arsenic as a natural constituent of human bones,
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to be effected by deaUng a>< intelligently with insanity as we do
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he sent the patient to a radiographer for a plate. The diagnosis
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abilities, it was decided to resect the mass at once. This was done
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chanical factors to the utmost, any solution, antiseptic or otherwise,
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Theory and Practice of Medicine and Obstetrics, by H. H. Childs, M. D.
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fession emerge from the w^ar period with a keener if not deeper
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2. The severe type with pulmonarj"^ complications causing a
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thirl y-t wo cases per thou.sand wounded. In November, 1914,
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has no less than 111 illustrations, many of which are of cases of
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brane. In the stomach there have been usually observed one or
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intestinal tract from the cardia to the anus excised. This is weighed,
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what caused the great earthquake of 1906
means of casein; and in a third gToup by feeding soy beans.
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J. Ilw.>-:ack. a« i)athologist for the Selkirk IlosiHtal for the iu-sane.
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great earthquakes since 2000
gical salt solution. The actual d()S(> of antitoxin in vnvh syringe
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with difficulty and appear drowsy. Early next morning, the diffi-
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be done to limit their influence upon the arterial walls by proper
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at both ends, and it is pnibal)le that he was already sufT(>ring from
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Memorial, $500; Montreal Maternity, $500; Sisters of Mercy
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suffering from tuberculosis and other contagious diseases. $50,000
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others these were mere irritable papul». The difference in the effect
great earthquake japan
with considerable range of meaning. Used at first to designate

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