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is seen than in either of the two specimens already described. In

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which he used it in the enunciation and definition of re-

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We earnestly recommend to all true lovers of the science of medicine,

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2 cases of scarlatina, 7 of measles, and 5 of small pox, 6 cases of inter-

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value from the prodigality with which they are used. This is especially

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edge of the character of the nurse's work that the people frequently

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practice precisely similar to that of the present day. On this sub-

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five to eight grains three or four times a day. Compliment ordinary !

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tion, to which he has submitted as to a trifling annoyance.

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prepossessing appearance showed, in the last month of her first

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of the constant consciousness of deficient skull and the ever present

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than vain — undigested learning serving but to enfeeble, or even ex-

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organizations. Our city parks, in which a great deal of prostitution

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kin for six generations; those parents surfeit themselves with

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5. Only by sugar reactions obtained from pure cultures can

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returned men, now on duty throughout the province, with in-

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voluntary organizations can assist, in the amplification of

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to ^Tite histories, follow the after-treatment and do laboratory

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For years we have watched with interest the abortive efforts

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leaves. Syrup of lemons, too, i. e. the bottled syrup, might much

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