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or two of magnesia, saturated with lemon juice, every two or three hours.

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Table I. — Report of Military Hospital for Influenza

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these causes may be a failure to produce ammonia in sufficiently

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of "bip" the wound can, in many cases, be sewn up immediately

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manding immediate and substantial assistance. Local

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citizenship than the medical men. It is with deep feeling that we

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clean companionship with the opposite sex, for marriage when

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aminations recently held in St. John, New Brunswick, has been

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which we have received on the subject, it seems to have been done while

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amount of lactic acid in a muscle and the glycogen store of the muscle.

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illustrations. Price $2.00. Publishers; J. B. Lippincott

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following description of the wound was entered : "Copious quantity

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some time employed with remarkable success, in the treatment of phthisis

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any periodical. To render the performance of this act of courtesy less burthensome, the letter should

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right hand. All wounds excised (circular forearm, left), "bipped"

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States will soon import, rather than export, food stuffs.

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opacities in the vitreous which prevented a detailed examination

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Such of these causes as are consequent upon pregnancy and which

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