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of gynecology, New York Polychnic Medical School. 334
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break through the weak points in his defence, burden him with
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by the estabUshment of this new "Grade I" we would at long last
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to be established between the patient and the manipulator, or such
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mucous membrane of the vagina then is diseased, in every case in which
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knew him that he was on the threshold of a great career in surgery.
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of one or of both eyes and also where the dimness of vision has been
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rest nitrogen, or chlorine, contain no calcium or cholesterin-ester. According
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the army is ipso facto a health officer, it follows that much practical
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sacral ligaments. This paired structure, composed of smooth
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fits of palpitation, the pulse at the wHst was innumerable, but by
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mass is made up of larger clear vaculoated polyhedral cells with
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this unnecessary, because we all know at present, that the system
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treatment has been instituted, when the wound is fairly clear of
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six weeks, the deaths from war casualties were two hundred and
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the last five years practised ind(>pendently. Many were overcome*
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which may go to establish the diagnosis or the indications as to
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the abdomen the Uver is just visible below the costal margin and 5
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toles in that it may become more pronounced when the pulse be-
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after, there was so much pulsation in the tumor as to alarm the patient.

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