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Expected results

When you work with Sun1400 you can expect to take the brakes off your mental performance and give yourself the best chance of consistently performing near your limits in the races that matter. As a driver youíll learn to control your nerves and maintain your confidence when the problems start mounting up, allowing you to translate high quality practice performance into the race. As a team manager youíll be able increase the energy, fun and motivation of your team and make your team one of the best organisations to work for in the paddock.

You will learn how to focus on the right thing at the right time and control your concentration and attention as you need to, giving you best use of your available energy.

You will develop the habits that make you and the people in your team mentally tougher and even more professional in their attitude. This means you will increase your ability to cope with all the problems that your racing throws at you and will set in place a culture of continuous improvement of the things that matter most to you and your racing goals.


"I was struggling to do the lap-times I knew I was capable of and wasn't qualifying for the nationals. Mike helped me find a clear and effective direction and got me performing more like my old self. I qualified for my next race at Donington. Great stuff!"

Lisa Thorne
British 125 GP - Team Scan Intel



ďI had never heard of sport psychology before I met Mike and was not sure how relevant it was to me and my moto-cross, I was also struggling to complete all my motos and wasnít racing the way my practice times said I should. After only a few weeks of working with Mike Iíd moved forward and qualified for the AMCA Nationals.Ē

Alex Hornsby
Open Class Moto-Cross Rider - MXMotorhomes.com


Sun1400ís beliefs and values

Sun1400ís Mike believes in the following:

1. Sport psychology / performance coaching is not rocket science. Itís about giving you practical techniques to manipulate your mood, behaviour and thoughts to get you and your team performing better. You should be content knowing that what I do is based on research and study allied to my own racing experience, but Iím not going to give you psycho-babble.

2. Your beliefs and attitude determine your thoughts and in turn your performance. Whether youíre a novice or a world champion, the space between your ears is fundamental to your success in racing and indeed life. Your choice of parents will have set a limit to your racing talent, but how close are you to that limit and how often?

3. If you stand still, you go backwards. Whether you want to join in the fun or not, change is going to happen. Equipment, techniques, technology and performance will steadily march forwards. Will you be driving the change and taking advantage of it?

4. Stresses all add up. I am aware of the principles of training, the need for smart recovery and know what counts as a training load. The way you live your life and how happy you are with it will affect your ability to train and race. Are you exposing yourself to just the right amount of stress, no more and no less?

5. I will never leave any contact unanswered and I will meet every commitment and responsibility Iíve agreed with you. Sure, I get ill, I have to rearrange my diary and unplanned changes in my life mean I may have to cancel a meeting with you. However, your contact with me will never be Ďleft hangingí and what you and I need to do will always be clear both ways. I guarantee you I will do what I said by when I said Iíd do it or youíll know why that absolutely cannot be done.

6. I only work with people committed to doing what they need to do. As a racer I am aware of what time means to racing people. I am in this to make a change that means something to you and as such, I am not here to perform half-heartedly. If youíre not willing to step up and work smartly, and at the appropriate time with high effort, then you are better off leaving me to work with someone who will.

Sun1400 approach

All Sun1400 programs are designed to make a positive difference. If the programs arenít making a change to your racing then Sun1400 doesnít deserve to be in business. Some of the tried-and-tested methods may not work for you first time out, but the Sun1400 approach will always search to find the way to make a real and lasting difference for you.


Why Sun1400 is different

Sport psychology and performance coaching are gaining ground in mainstream sport as another tool with which to beat the opposition. There are even a small number of sport psychologists that have worked in motor sport.
However, there is not one other single sport psychologist on the planet that focuses on kart and car racing like Sun1400 and not one other that has the proven racing pedigree of Sun1400.

Sun1400 takes a practical approach to improving your mindset and constantly works on giving you something to make a real difference. Perhaps youíve been approached by a sport psychologist before? How did it go? Did you take up the offer or do nothing? Is it something you believe could help but want to cut to the chase, treat it as a real problem that needs solving and just get on with it? If so then great, as thatís what Sun1400 does.

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