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Helping karters, racing drivers and their teams perform better

Is your mental approach to racing and competition letting you down?

Are you constantly looking for an area where you can gain an advantage?

Have you considered sport psychology and performance coaching as a way of making the next step in development but donít know where and how to start using it?

Sun1400 works with karters, racing drivers and their teams from its base in the West Midlands, UK. Programs are primarily designed for clients all over the world who are aiming to get to or are already at the highest levels of circuit racing. The name of the game is to improve your performance psychology and reduce your lap-times, whatever level you are at right now.

If youíre like most racing drivers and team managers, youíre facing a stream of constant problems. Can you get the most out of your budget? Can you do something different to your opposition and steal a march on them? Can you match your physical talent with your mental approach?


"I have known Mike Garth professionally for over 14 years, working closely with him from an R&D engineer through to the foundation of Sun1400. Mike has had an extremely useful input in supporting our track engineering program. His scientific and professional approach allowed him to tailor a program that suited our needs and delivered results. At every race I am drawing benefits from our collaboration."

Guillaume Rocquelin
Race Engineer
- Red Bull F1

Latest methods in motor racing sport psychology are helping a small number of performers get out there and do a better job. Are you one of them and if so are you content that what you are paying for is really helping you? Sun1400 addresses the problems that are most relevant to you and your racing and provides practical techniques in motor sport psychology to help you get to where you want to be.

Making the change to a consistently high performing mindset in racing is a four-step process:

1. You have to understand that the prime motivator for change is you.

2. Look at everything you do in your racing life right now. How does this affect your mood, behaviour and thoughts and especially your motivation, concentration, self-confidence and control of nerves?

3. Think hard about where youíre aiming to be and why it is you are in your sport. What is it that gets you out of bed to go and train, practise, test and race?

4. Figure out how much what you are already doing is helping you get to where you want to be. Make a definite plan to develop and improve your mental approach, get the right team around you to make it happen and go and do it.



"I was very sceptical about using sport psychology for my kart drivers but some of them just didn't have the right mental approach to get the job done. Mike identified the weaknesses to work on and put a focussed plan together to move forward. With one driver, the change is so big it's hard to remember how difficult it used to be!"

Harry Soden
Rotax Max Euro Challenge, Super1 TKM, British KF3, National Cadets - Connaught Racing Limited



Sun1400 is owned by me, Mike Garth and Iíve helped people go through the above steps and make a positive change to their motor sport performance psychology.

Iím a racer through and through and have over a decade of elite motor sport experience. My practical approach to sport psychology in racing can be part of the team supporting you.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how Sun1400 can help you make a difference to the mental side of your racing. You might want to learn more about who is behind Sun1400, in which case, please click here to the About us page.


What Sun1400 therefore stands for

Sun1400 stands for
ĎSunday at 2pmí and represents the typical local start time and day of a F1 Grand Prix motor race. At such a point in time, when the five red lights go out, it is the moment that exemplifies the key things you face in your racing: Challenge, excitement, fun, competition, accountability, preparation and professionalism.

When the race is ready to start, are you totally ready to race?

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