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among the nations is giving way to the hitherto Utopian idea of a

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Major Darrell Porters Hannington is posted for duty under

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our ha,nd is capable of winning great triumphs, and it is possible

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three months. The effect on the nervous system has been siun-

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assistance at autopsy and confirmation of the findings.

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(2uob(!C (•x[)resscd himself ;us being strongly in favour of the organiza-

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examination, under the low power of the microscope appearing

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foundation of some illness that may incapacitate or cause the

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May 9th, 16 c.c. serum injected. Choreiform movements disap-

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joyed good health. He was on board a vessel the whole of last night

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objected, that my doctrit^ is too rigid, and that, according to the

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er of a sect, irritated, vindictive, and unfortunately dominant. From

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The hospital should not be considered a place for chronic

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in Montreal, wh(!re he did pioneer work in i-rays and electro-

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perate zones. In addition, Ufe in Europe and North America

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fectious diseases, operated under government control, and fitted

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in about 2' 5 per 100. The highest degree of hypermetropia was

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have the administrators been, as it proved to them that the right

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the House of Commons of Canada shall be the guide for conducting

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leaving their fields but who, at the same time, should havesome close-

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he can i^'iU be self-supporting in spite of the handicap of the loss

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The pain in the side lessened, but the dyspnoea grew worse with


body, isthmus and neck or cervix, being three inches long, two inches

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Dr. Smale was a very popular citizen, kind hearted and imassimi-

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Medical Association, and its accomplishment would create, 1 am

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