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the state of the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and

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and the mortality rate less than one fourth in the inoculated as

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on theii- estates. Duiing the winter he practiced in his apartment

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sented to. On the 9th of September, 1839, 1 amputated the leg as

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appearing to support it. As the law now stands in England, the right in question is

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cine at jMcGill. There is no part of the world to which a Canadian

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asthma. For instance bakers frequently have bronchial asthma

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to proteci the Mood against all eventualities. A certain amount of diffusion

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The water soluble B is never associated with fats or oils

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of evidence of impairment of function is a fixation of the specific ^

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was appointed some time ago to consider this matter, and I am

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"Microscopically, in the tissues so far examined, the lobar

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In the camps the medical officer lectures to officers and men

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was anxious for a post mortem examination. Three hours after

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surroundings of the buildings and the roads with green.

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have been chirped at by the New York Mirror. Now in aH these trying

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444 pages with 130 illustrations. Price, $5.00. Publishers:

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urinary excretion, and their amount varies with the character

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half of the upper lip. In order to accompUsh this, I cut a flap

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IS founded the second part of the new theory, vi2. : the rocking-

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diuretic to be taken per mouth. A large proportion of anterior

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condition present. Nor are we surprised to learn that in a large

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the opportunity to watch carefully over cases until their treatment

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to the end that mating worthily they may propagate a sound.

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output of urea, are present. In eclampsia the uterus should be

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Higgins says that psychologists are beginning to believe more

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years of age, though it has been known to occur in infants from

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Lieutenant-Colonel Raffaele Bastianelli, of the Itahan

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Reduction was effected without much difficulty, in the following

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sociation at its annual meeting, held in Chicago last November, to

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100 c.c. In renal disease this becomes much increased and may

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bell, Vancouver. Secretary — Dr. H. W. Riggs, Vancouver.

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one finger is passed into the vagina to the foetal head in the an-

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confident in recommending his instruments to the faculty in general, to whom he returns his thanks

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Many criticisms of the liiiiet and oth<T methods of measuring

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The following ressuns have induced him to establish this Institution :

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of the Association. These officers shall ser\'e for one year, or until

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