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labor ; and in four weeks she was so well that she rode out a short

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its mental cases under the cotiditioiis outlined above, lends support

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more general participation in healthful sports and recreations than

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epidemic is then dwelt on. Even Colonel Adami's pen fails before

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deposition or incrustation of secreted matter. Thus if^e examine an an-

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Of the cases invalided to Canada there is no record as yet of

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A reasonable question which might carry a simple explanation

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reference to the fuel which was being supplied at the same time.

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ducted mainly on the plan that has been pursued during the last four years, under the editorship of

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new era. Looking back, he saw that, great as had been the ser\'ices

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asthma during young adult life were sensitive, one fourth of those

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the flexors only are used. But we saw one case in which cine-

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broken off; its articulation with the first lumbar completely sundered^ and


1,670 grs.; carbonic acid, (from water bottled four weeks,) 344, 16 inches ;

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Ether was used as an anaesthetic by intra-tracheal insufflation

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same, however, and there is no doubt that under less favourable

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metres. 'I'll*' total irradiation was distributed over three to five days and

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patients under active treatment weather the storm of toxaemia

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has been either prevented entirely or delayed. The improvement

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and all the common phenomena of sclerosis, haemorrhage, and

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pose. This was done frequently last winter ; so frequently indeed as

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which is the seat of toxic nephritis, discharges albumin and casts

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child was extracUd. The pulse could scarcely be perceired for many

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For it cannot be for a moment conceived that, were the power of

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board. Since last July, 1918, when it came into force, twenty-

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bridge work except where the mechanical conditions are

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For the proper doing of their work, the surgeons must be pro-

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Diiring war a large experience is gained in a short time, limi-

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ravel the relations and inter-relations of organ and function in the

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