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fore be kept in view, to be adopted, or rejected, as future investi-
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information was given by radiography, particularly if stereoscopic. Usually
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The papular elevations may oe seen over the whole body, some, of
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obviously necessitate a greater supply of oxygen, the supply of
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svifficient tension results. Before cutting the Thiersch, which only-
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Such a laboratory would go far to save the staff from the criti-
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ren and himself, assisted by various friends, he goes on to say that
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change in the structure, but probably in a congested state of the
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taking his com-se of training in order to ascertain whether or not
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formation with time may be separated into five characteristic periods :
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night sweats, but with little pain or other severe symptom to ruffle
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or at the discTction of either upon a letter of introduction from an
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the Germans, caring for the wounded until she was struck down by
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of the value of sanitary measures. To a Canadian niedical ollicer.
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what is passing aroui^d them, completely absorbed in their cruel enjoy-

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